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A little about me and my work


Why I do what I do

Since I was young I've loved the process of crafting things. In particular I loved lego. My creations were normally more form than function, (weak at the joints, they needed to be held a very particular way to avoid disaster). None the less, that process of crafting designs and immersing myself in improving them with iterations was something I really enjoyed.

As I got older I become more interested in two dimensional art. I liked to sketch, paint and experiment with scanning pictures into my computer to manipulate the images.


To turn what I did for fun into a way to turn a career, I studied graphic design and photography at Design College Australia in Brisbane. In 2016 I graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communication.


 If you haven't already, I welcome you to have a look at some of my past projects. If you're in the market for  photos, a logo or some art for book or even an album cover, let's have a chat.
I would love to hear from you!

- Coen


How I do business



I like to start by talking to you in face or over phone or email to discuss what you are interested in. After consultation I'll send you a quote and summary of the job, Upon receiving your deposit (include your family name for the reference) I start work.


Depending on the size job I like to develop a few versions of an idea and let my clients select my favourite. With the initial deposit, you will receive one series of concepts with the possibility of paying for adjustments or additional ideas.


Once you are content with your commission, You can collect it in person, have it sent by mail or request a download link.

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    Coen Scott

    Visual communication specialist

    If you haven't already, I welcome you to explore website and view some of my past projects to see what I am about.